Study Skills Training

The following is a self-paced training that may be completed independently.

Step 1.

Download the following handout and follow along to the Prezi below. Answer the questions as you click through the Prezi.

Step 2.

The following Prezi will go over how tutors can encourage positive study skills and planned preparation for tests. (For best viewing, open this Prezi in fullscreen mode by pressing "Start Prezi" in the middle of the screen and then the fullscreen button in the bottom right corner.)

Study Skills and Test Prep on Prezi

Step 3.
Hand in your completed handout to your Supervisor by the due date.

Extra Resources

As a tutor it is important to be able to provide advice to tutees on how to study for the class in which they they are seeking help.
Below is a PDF that contains some broad information on various subjects that students may ask you for advice in.