Setting Goals and Pre-Planning Peer Tutor Training

Grade Level & Curriculum Area:

The following is a self-paced training that can be completed independently by high school or college aged students. The following materials can be used to complete this training independently, however, this training can be modified so that students working in pairs can create digital stories as teams and then peer critique another group's stories to create a larger dialog. This is a training intended for peer tutors in a learning lab.

Learning Objectives:

This training aligns with CRLA Peer Tutor Certification Guidelines. Upon completion of this training, peer tutors will be able to:

  • Explain the steps necessary in beginning and ending a tutorial session
  • Establish ways to perform these steps by expanding upon the Tutor Cycle
  • Demonstrate the importance of these steps in the success of a tutorial session
  • Recognize the impact which the beginning and end of a tutorial session has on tutees

Training Description & Technology Integration:

The following training aims to address the beginning and ending of tutorial sessions, something of importance which is often overlooked. Through the completion of this training, students will be able to recognize what steps need to be performed to successfully open and close a session and how those changes may impact their retention of tutees, set the tone for their session and maintain an academic environment for their students. This training is completed in a presentation format (using PowerPoint, Prezi, or another presentation platform) which allows students to explain their ideas in a visually appealing manner.

Setting Goals and Pre-Planning Training Instructions:

This is an independent training, best completed with veteran tutors.

Step 1
Download and read the instructions for completion of this training, included in the following PDF:

Step 2
Create a presentation according to the instructions in the PDF. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation format you would like.

Step 3
Email your presentation to your Supervisor by the due date.