Problem Solving Peer Tutor Training

Grade Level & Curriculum Area:

The following is a self-paced training that can be completed independently by high school or college aged students. The following materials can be used to complete this training independently, however, this training can be modified so that students working in pairs can create digital stories as teams and then peer critique another group's stories to create a larger dialog. This is a training intended for peer tutors in a learning lab.

Learning Objectives:

This training aligns with CRLA Peer Tutor Certification Guidelines. Upon completion of this training, peer tutors will be able to:
  • Identify characteristics which tutors consider the most valuable traits of the "perfect student" or "perfect tutor"
  • Reflect on experiences in tutoring which having "perfect tutor" characteristics can aid in problem solving situations with communication issues
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to utilize characteristics of a "perfect tutor" in making up for instances when there is a "less-than-perfect student"
  • Practice using the attributes of a "perfect tutor" or "perfect student" to aid in problems which arise due to communication issues

Training Description & Technology Integration:

The following training aims to engage tutors creatively to identify attributes they would see in a "perfect tutor" or "perfect student". Through reflection on their own experiences, students will be able to pinpoint what characteristics contribute to a positive tutoring experience. By completing this training, students may use their creativity to create a "perfect tutor" or "perfect student" and demonstrate how those perfect attributes will help in problem solving possible communication issues. The following training does not include any integration of technology yet.

Problem Solving Training Instructions:

Step 1
Download and read the instructions for completion of this training, included in the following PDF:

Step 2
Once you have completed the training outlined in the PDF, hand in your training to your Supervisor by the due date.