SARC Peer Tutor Job Description

What is Peer Tutoring?
Peer tutoring is an academic support program utilizing peer-assisted study sessions to support students with historically difficult courses. SARC provides free, group peer tutoring to undergraduate UCF students in the following areas and more: Accounting, Statistics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and Human Physiology. Group peer tutoring sessions are an opportunity for students to work together with other classmates to compare notes, discuss readings, ask questions, develop organizational tools, and prepare for examinations. SARC tutorial services are internationally certified through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). SARC follows the active learning model by engaging and encouraging learning by students.

What are the Peer Tutors’ responsibilities?
  • Lead a minimum of 4 hours of tutorial time per week for a specific course.
  • Communicate with course professors to discuss material being covered in tutoring, inform them of SARC services and to promote SARC peer tutoring.
  • Attend and participate in monthly peer tutor training sessions.
  • Create study hand-outs for students, present test reviews and participate in SARC events.

What are the benefits of being a Peer Tutor?
  • Further develop own study skills to the most efficient level.
  • Discover ways to help others learn how to learn better. This is excellent experience for future teachers.
  • Gain valuable skills such as leadership, communication, and group facilitation. These skills are desired by most employers and graduate schools.
  • See your impact on students as they earn better grades, develop more positive attitudes, build confidence, and become more independent learners.
  • Enhance chances of winning assistantships in graduate school.

Minimum Criteria Needed to Apply
  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student (graduate students may considered in some circumstances).
  • Must have previously passed specific course with a minimum B grade (prefer A grades) at the college level.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Must be willing to commit 4 hours per week for about 15 weeks per semester.
  • Applications are available at SARC in HPH 113 or on-line at

SARC Contact:

Natasha Ford, Coordinator of Academic Support Services; Peer Tutoring and Outreach Programming
University of Central Florida
Student Academic Resource Center
Howard Phillips Hall Rooms 113, 114, 115
Orlando, Fl. 23816 - 3115

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