Communication Skills Peer Tutor Training

Grade Level & Curriculum Area:

The following is a self-paced training that can be completed independently by high school or college aged students. The following materials can be used to complete this training independently, however, this training can be modified so that students working in pairs can create digital stories as teams and then peer critique another group's stories to create a larger dialog. This is a training intended for peer tutors in a learning lab.

Learning Objectives:

This training aligns with CRLA Peer Tutor Certification Guidelines. Upon completion of this training, peer tutors will be able to:
  • Identify their dominant communication style
  • Compare and contrast different communication styles to recognize challenges faced by different people trying to work together
  • Proficiently approach bothersome situations involving communicating with others who possess different communication styles
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to use typically "difficult" students in a positive way during a tutorial session.

Training Description & Technology Integration:

The following training aims to guide tutors to recognize different communication styles. By identifying the differences and similarities between communication styles, tutors may be more understanding about the difficult situations brought about by others due to a lack of communication, misunderstanding, or simply differing communication styles. This training includes a worksheet for reflection and application of the ideas learned.

Communication Skills Training Instructions:

Step 1
Download and read the instructions for completion of this training, included in the following PDF:

Step 2
Once you have completed the two activities outlined in the PDF, hand in your training to your Supervisor by the due date.