CRLA Level 1 Certification Overview

This information and more can be found on the CRLA website; this is a brief overview and not an exhaustive list.

Requirements for Regular - Level 1 Certification

Tutor Selection Criteria:
A. Interview plus written approval of a content/skill instructor
B. Interview plus endorsement of tutor trainer/supervisor PLUS at least one of the following:
C. Grade of "A" or "B" in subject content being tutored
D. Documented experience equivalent to #3

Amount/Duration of Tutor Training:
Minimum of ten (10) hours of tutor training or a quarter/semester of tutor training non-course work.

Modes of Tutor Training:
  1. Minimum of 6 hours of the training must be must be Tutor-trainer supervised, Interactive, Live, and Real-time and can take one or more of the following forms:
    1. Workshop instruction/seminar session
    2. Face-to-face or online discussions
    3. Multi-User Virtual Environment (MUVE, like Second Life)
  2. The training time remaining can use the following as the main delivery medium:
    1. Videos/DVDs/websites
    2. Conferences with tutor trainer or other staff supervisor
    3. Webquests, podcasts, webcasts, wikis, blogs
    4. Texts, handouts, scavenger hunts
    5. Special tutor projects
    6. Other

Areas/Topics to be Covered in Tutor Training:
A minimum of eight (8) of the following topics should be covered in Level 1 training. The exact amount of time devoted to each topic may vary.
1. Definition of tutoring and tutor responsibilities
2. Basic tutoring guidelines / Tutoring do's / Tutoring don'ts
3. Techniques for successfully beginning and ending a tutor session
4. Adult learners / Learning theory / Learning styles
5. Assertiveness / Handling difficult students
6. Role modeling
7. Setting goals / Planning
8. Communication skills
9. Active listening and paraphrasing
10. Referral skills
11. Study skills
12. Critical thinking skills
13. Compliance with the ethics and philosophy of the tutor program / Sexual harassment /Plagiarism
14. Modeling problem solving
15. Other (please specify)

Required Tutoring Experience:
25 hours of actual tutoring

Tutor Evaluation Criteria:
A. A formal/informal evaluation process is in place
B. Formal/informal evaluation occurs on a regular basis
C. The results of the evaluation process are made known to the tutors