Active Listening Training

Active listening is central to the collaborative learning theory upheld at SARC. There are several training options for this topic.

The following is a self-paced training that can be completed independently.

Step 1. Download and utilize the following Active Learning Training Worksheet as you proceed through this training.

Step 2. Read through and answer questions pertaining to the following PowerPoint presentation.

Step 3. Complete the accompanying Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Creation Worksheet.

The following is a group training best completed live, in-person.

Step 1. After reviewing above PowerPoint about Active Learning and/or reading "Active Learning" by Carl Rogers and/or "What Would Socrates Say to Undergraduate Students", both available below in the supplemental readings section, discuss and identify active learning strategies/techniques with your group.

Step 2. Discuss how these relate to the Socrates articles’ main themes Tension, Critical Inquiry, Passive vs. Active Learning in the following article: “What Socrates Would Say to Undergraduate Tutors” Section: Commentary Volume 55, Issue 17, Page A26.

Step 3. Using these active learning strategies, teach the skills or lessons in the following "Active Learning Scenarios" to the group.

Supplemental Readings & Materials

Active Listening by Carl Rogers

What Socrates Would Say to Undergraduate Tutors

TedTalks Suggested Presentations on Listening, Questioning and Leadership